01. There is an [ongoing] dispute between the two countries regarding fishing rights off the coast.
02. Evaluation of students' progress in English is [ongoing] throughout the session.
03. The people of Iraq are receiving [ongoing] assistance to help them recover from the destruction of the war.
04. Our [ongoing] efforts to cut costs may include a reduction in staff.
05. The Americans are involved in [ongoing] negotiations with the North Koreans, in an effort to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.
06. The [ongoing] border dispute between the two countries has prevented them from dealing with other issues of common interest.
07. Police are reporting some success in their [ongoing] battles with local criminal gangs.
08. Fighting in the region has not stopped, despite [ongoing] peace negotiations.
09. The country has long been plagued by an [ongoing] conflict with separatist rebels in its northern territories.
10. Social workers are maintaining an [ongoing] relationship with prostitutes, with the goal of helping those who wish to leave the sex trade.
11. Painting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is an [ongoing] task, and its primary maintenance job.
12. Anthropologist Colin Turnbull once suggested that civilization is very much an immature and [ongoing] experiment, the success of which is by no means yet proven.
13. Paula Gunn Allen once stated that for the American Indian, the ability of all creatures to share in the process of [ongoing] creation makes all things sacred.
14. Paul Goodman once remarked that enjoyment is not a goal; it is a feeling that accompanies important [ongoing] activity.
15. Defining the concept of abnormal behavior has been an [ongoing] struggle for psychologists.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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